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Here you can find information about myself and my life experience. You can explore a little bit about my personality and even view this as a digital CV.

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Jag vill dessutom säga att jag är lika självsäker att kommunicera på svenska liksom engelska. När jag kom till Sverige läste jag svenska i 2 år. Jag klarade allmän SFI och pluggade vidare på malmöhögskola och fick min gymnasium nivå svenska.

As this is a design concept site, which is about my fourth or fith generation of a personal site, no continued development. I'd only ask you take in some of the interactivity.

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Work Experience

Brand Coordinator - Product Team

october 2012 - present
Falling under the Operations division, it is the very definition of the word 'coordinator'. The Data Team's core responsibility is to get goods from our brand suppliers' warehouses to being sold live on the web. The tasks to achieve this end goal are numerous, and we regularly are in communication with brand suppliers, delivery companies, our warehouse, IT and development teams, customer service, the buying and merchandising departments, the marketing department, the finance department & the e-commerce team. We are the go-getters everyone runs to when a problem arrises with goods on the web - the unsung heros of e-commerce.
  • CSV, Excel, EDI file handling
  • organise deliveries
  • organise returns
  • import all product data
  • fix data bugs in the system
  • work together with the development team for workflow optimisation
  • assist customer service - answering customer's questions
  • enter orders into the system

Campaign Specialist - Marketing

july 2010 - october 2012
I was first employed copywriting product descriptions in english which later were to be translated into various European languages where EuroFlorist had e-commerce actively running. When this duty was completed I moved onto retouching product photos, and within a very short time, I was awarded the position of Campaign Specialist where I worked with newsletters, banners and SEM.
  • worked in various affiliate marketing networks
  • worked extensively within Google Adwords
  • worked with Apsis newsletter tools
  • worked as a copywriter
  • worked as a retoucher
  • worked as design support to create banners

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Education: formal, higher, lower, etc.

Rather than present a chronological or geographical dictation of my path less traveled (all credit to Robert Frost), I have organised my formal education in a more organic fashion. Organised by area of study or subject and then the level or appropriate institution. I hope you find this type of presentation more efficient, but also more entertaining to reveiw.

While I place great pride and credibility on the traditional avenues of learning undertaken inside the 'classroom', I am also a student of life. And I have learned as much about acedemia, life and myself outside the classroom as the geometry I learned in the classroom: SOH - CAH - TOA.

brian c welch portrait
  • malmö högskola
Jag pluggade hos Malmö Högskola där jag fick min gymnasial nivå svenska. Min SFI (svenska för invandrare) räckte inte att ge mig en riktig kunskap i svenska. Jag är helt motiverad att integrera mig och jobbar fortfarande att förbättre min svenska ordkunskap samt dialekt. Språket är nyckeln till början av integration i Sverige. Men språket öppnar bara dörren till integration; därefter måste integration finns i ens hjärta.
  • James Cook University
  • Arizona State University
  • Downers Grove North
    High School
My first education in design and visual composition began in high school in drawing classes and even advertising design courses. Later my education advanced to 2D composition theory and digital design at the university level.
political science
  • Arizona State University
  • Downers Grove North
    High School
Focusing both on the inner workings of the American political system and a comparative review of other global political structures.
life guard
  • Royal Life Saving
Trained as a certified life guard in Australia, for non-surf bodies of water
  • James Cook University
  • Arizona State Univeristy
  • Semester at Sea
  • Elmhurst College
  • Downers Grove North
    High School
My biology studies ranged from general surveys of biology and biological processes to more specific focuses such as adaptive physiology and invertabrate marine biology.
computer fluency
  • Mac & Mircrosoft
  • Office Packet
  • Adobe
  • Corel
  • Numerous Web Applications
No longer are the days where navigating compputers is a special skill, for it is standard education and practices in todays world. I have also limited experience in Navision and DB managment and even some limited skills maintaining EDI files. I put no program out of my reach educationally, it is just getting the time and exposure to become adept.
exercise science
  • North Central College
After first beginning my university education studying physical education, I switched to exercise science to get a more indepth education in human physiology, conditioning response, coaching and physchology. I also a certificate in team sports coaching. I finished my studies with a bachelors of arts degree.
fork truck license
  • Truckutbildarna AB
I received my truckförare kort A1-B6 to help bolster my qualifications as a job seeker.
law enforcement
  • Suburban Law Enforement Academy
I became a state certified law enforcement officer in Illinois, undergoing all requesite education and tactics training.
rescue diving
  • PADI - Australia
Furthering my skills as a hobby diver and to help obtain employment, I pursued advanced and rescue diver qualifications.
  • James Cook University
I dealved into the traditional forêt of photography to learn the base sceince of the F-stop, the ISO and the deapth of field. There after I studied the techniques fo photography under water, which offered significant challanges.
  • Professional Bartending Academy
Directly out of university studies, it is a very common right of passage for many former students to work in the hotel or resaurant industry. This was no less untrue for myself. Having bartending knowledge typically meant you would get offerd a slightly higher minimum wage than a standard food server.
personal training
  • NCSF
    National Council on Strength & Fitness
  • NSCA
    National Strength & Conditioning Assoc.
  • NASM
    National Academy of Sports Medicine
To augment my degree in excercise science from North Central College, I also received accredited certifications as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. These professional organisations allowed me to receive additional nuances of fitness instruction and prescription.
html, css, php & jQuery
  • Self interest & study
Ever since my first exposure to digital design(Corel Draw 1.0), I have always been interested in being create with a computer screen as a canvas and the keybord as my brushes. This interest only naturaly evolved into an interest in web-design; ergo this and several other websites.
  • James Cook University
  • Mesa Arts Center
  • College of DuPage
  • Downers Grove North
    High School
As most students, I began with hand building techniques using coils, soft and har slab contructions. But my main passion is throwing on the wheel. To that en, I received small awards here and there.
  • University of Wisconsin
A beginners survey of world economic theory and its role in and around political systems. I got a true appreciation for the flexibility and malability of economic prognosis and how it is affected by political environment.
  • North Central College
As a part of my exercise scienc degree, I obstained a certificate in both individual and team sports coaching. The tactics and communication practices are applicable through all groups in all sectors of human society; business, governmental, social, etc.
google adwords
  • Google, Stockholm
  • Top Visible
I received administrator education from both Google and from the one of the founders of one of Sweden's premier SEO and SEM firms, Top Visible in Malmö.
fine arts
  • Kosta Boda
  • James Cook University
  • Arizona State University
  • College of DuPage
  • Downers Grove North
    High School
My studies in the fine arts include a wide range of media and disciplines including: drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics and art history. I have even attended a beginers course in glass making and glass blowing at Kosta Boda's facility in Småland.
marine science
  • James Cook University
Studying at one of the premier marine science institutions of higher education throughout the world, one would be a fool not to take advantage of their eminantly qualified professors. It also made real world study of the marine environment easy, being ideally located adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. My studies included, biology, ogean geology, hydrophysics and even some organic chemistry.
  • The real world
My father ran his own marketing, prmotions and advertising firm out of our hose growing up, and this provided my first education. When I became old enough, I began helping my father in his firm. I furthered my experience in marketing as a member of the online marketing team at EuroFlorist; involved in SEM, newsletters & campaigns
emercengy medical tech.
  • College of DuPage
At the time of my interest in pursuing a career in law enforcement, I also was pursuring an education to become a paramedic & firefighter. To that end I received certification as an EMT-B
(Emergency Medical Technician - Basic).

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