'Click'To select a form
'Double click'To 'shrink-away' a form; selected or unselected
"Q"Increase the size of selected forms.
"W"Decrease the size of selected forms.
"E"Toggles a circle shape. (imperfect: toggles between circle and square after inception)
"T"clones all selected shapes and distributes randomly in workspace.
"Y"Vanishes instantly selected forms.
"U"Deselects all forms
"I"Selects all forms
"P"Duplicates only 'Box1', distrbutes the form randomly and randomly assigns color and shape.
'Shift' + "P"*Duplicates only 'Box1' 10 times and randomizes all forms.
"A"Pushes selected forms back one level.
"S"Pulls up selected forms one level.
"D"Randomizes all selected forms on the workspace.
"B"*Toggles a rounded square shape. (imperfect: toggles between rounded square and square after inception)
'Arrow keys'Moves all selected shapes.
*Extra functionality/personalization